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  • Sunday ,
    MayMay  26 , 2024
    Fire Pit Master Lag Baomer BBQ
    Sunday, May 26th 4:00p to 7:00p
    Join Us for an Unforgettable Lag BaOmer Celebration! Lag Baomer, the holiday of the outdoors, where the miracles of nature can truly transform our lives! Indulge in: Smores Galore Mouthwatering Smoked Ribs The Juiciest Hot Dogs in Town Can you hit the mark? Test your aim with the Bow & Arrow challenge!


  • Wednesday ,
    MayMay  29 , 2024
    JLI: Journey of the Soul
    Wednesday, May 29th 7:30p to 8:30p
    Who hasn’t wondered what happens when we die? We know what happens to the body. But what happens to the soul at birth and again at death? - Is there really a “better” place after this one? - Do our loved ones continue to connect with us? - Can I relate to an afterlife if I’m not spiritual? At once practical and powerful, reflective and relatable, Journey of the Soul teaches a Jewish perspective on life that begins before birth and lasts well after a person’s passing. It’s a journey we all take, and it’s yours to explore this winter.


  • Wednesday ,
    JunJune  12 , 2024
    Cheese & Chardonnay Summer Soiree
    Wednesday, Jun 12th 6:30p to 8:01p
    Shavuot 10 Commandments What Makes Us Unique? What Makes Us Jewish? How Do We Connect? In an era often characterized by the rapid pace of life, lets pause, reflect, and reconnect with our roots. Join us as we delve into these profound questions, exploring what truly sets us apart and binds us together as a community. Recharge and Plug Back In: Shavuot offers a rare opportunity to recharge your spiritual batteries, to return to the basics and build from the foundation of our faith. As we gather to hear the sacred 10 Commandments, we'll delve into their timeless significance and relevance in today's immoral world.


  • Monday ,
    JunJune  24 , 2024
    Join Us at JCS Summer Camp!
    Monday, Jun 24th 10:00a to 5:00p
    *Ages:* 3 - 12 YRS *CIT:* 13 - 16 YRS *Dates:* June 24 - August 9 *Location:* Palm Beach *28 Years of Fun and Learning!* At JCS Summer Camp, we offer an enriching experience in a nurturing Jewish environment. Here's what you can expect: *Kids in the Kitchen:* Pack food for the needy and learn valuable life skills *Hebrew Reading:* Explore the beauty of the Hebrew language *Trips:* Exciting outings to enhance learning and adventure *Sports:* Develop teamwork and sportsmanship *Art:* Unleash creativity through various artistic mediums *Music:* Discover the joy of music through engaging activities *Starting at just $250 a week,* our camp provides affordable summer fun with unforgettable memories. Secure your spot today and give your child a summer they'll cherish forever! For registration and inquiries, contact us at (561-624-7004) Don't miss out on the ultimate summer experience at JCS Summer Camp!




Jewish Community Center

JCS is the epicenter of the Jewish scene in Palm Beach, providing unparalleled service and entertainment and reliving our rich Jewish History. Membership at the JCS provides the highest privileges and an elite lifestyle reserved for a select few.

Chabad of Palm Beach's mission is to bring together the Jewish Community of the greater Palm Beach and to serve the spiritual, educational and social needs of the community. We accomplish this through classes, social get-togethers, holiday events, and more.



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